Time Credits Case Study

Whitchurch Cycling Club was established in the summer of 2016 and has grown to have over 175 members. We primarily cater for children; our aims are to encourage a love of cycling and to teach skills to enable children to be able to ride safely in a range of environments.
We joined the Time Credits scheme in the summer of 2017 after one of our members told us about it. Having access to Time Credits has helped encourage our members to become more active and involved in the running of the club. It means we can recognise the additional contributions that people make and ultimately its helping us make our club more sustainable and able to manage the fast growth and big demand.
We don’t use Time Credits for the regular week in week out activities such as volunteer coaches, but we do use them to recognise the extra contributions people make. Our Time Credit activities so far have included:

• Parents making ramps and obstacles to use to develop the riders skills
• Young members writing a rider charter for all members
• Parents organising raffles and fundraising activities
• Race day marshalls, refreshments and sign on volunteers
• Volunteers building a storage shed for our equipment
• Parents sharing bike maintenance skills with members
• Young members making up race day goody bags
• Members who attended a session to help write a club development plan


As well as offering ways to earn Time Credits we are also developing ways in which people can spend Time Credits with us, other community organisations can hire us with Time Credits to bring our skills course out to their venues or community events, we can also lead guided rides for groups or offer cycling skills lessons for groups/schools.
In the future we are looking forward to working with Spice Time Credits on their #Cardiffis kind campaign, we’d like to build more community links and carry on encouraging our members to play an active role in the development of our club.

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